Benefits Beyond Medicare:

Exploring Additional Coverage Options

While Medicare provides essential healthcare coverage for seniors and certain individuals with disabilities, there are limitations to consider. That’s where additional coverage options come into play. Supplemental insurance, such as Medicare Supplements (Medigap) or Medicare Advantage plans, offer enhanced benefits beyond what original Medicare provides. Medicare Supplements help cover out-of-pocket costs like deductibles and copayments, while Medicare Advantage plans offer comprehensive coverage that may include prescription drugs, vision, dental, and other services. Exploring these options allows individuals to tailor their healthcare coverage to better suit their specific needs, providing peace of mind and potentially saving on healthcare expenses.

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Vision-Routine Eye Exam, Frames and Lenses

Hearing Aids

Mail Order and Home Delivery of Prescriptions Drugs

100s of Non-Prescription Pharmacy Items like Vitamins and Aspirin

Gym Membership


Access to Doctors Online and Over the Phone

Chiropractic / Acupuncture

Emergency Worldwide Coverage